The day before the big one

Published date: 27th January 2019

What’s left for the Bride to Do?

You may imagine that the day before you marry you’ll feel at a bit of a loss. But it’s an important time, and one that can see you relaxed and ready to go on the day itself, or leave you rushing and worried as the car pulls up to collect you. Here are our tips to make the most of it.

Even if you want to comfort eat, don’t: spots from greasy chips or chocolate are one danger, and that feeling of lethargy the day after a junk food binge is another. Eat healthy stuff, and drink plenty of water – maybe a glass of wine but no more – a hangover won’t help you look your best (so don’t think of a hen do, even a – supposedly – low key one, the night before).

You want to sleep well, so don’t just laze on the sofa all day, but neither should you attempt anything too athletic that could risk a twisted knee or a fall. A quiet walk with a friend or two would be ideal – kill two birds with one stone, have the team-talk with your bridesmaids during that walk.

You’ll sleep better too if you have reassured yourself about the major suppliers etc, either by phoning round yourself, or getting your MOH, mum or dad to do so. A printed list of the major contact numbers in your bag is extra security. To avoid a zillion calls and the time they take, the day before the biggie you may want to hand your phone to your chief bridesmaid, so she can make excuses for you in the main, or alert you about anything important that crops up that way.

Likewise check the dress and everything else you’ll be wearing under and over it – but save the revelation for the ceremony. If the dress is in a bag, open that up, or hang it somewhere safe without the bag – if it’s been steam-cleaned then dried imperfectly mould can grow overnight in a sealed environment. As you’ll be on your feet for hours, wear the shoes in a bit the day before indoors – but not on that relaxing walk! Put your slouching-while-getting-ready clothes out the night before too, to save time and make you feel more in control.

It’s good to have an emergency pack ready for the day, so a small bag with headache tablets, plasters, safety pins, needle and thread etc that a trusted friend can carry to be ready for you if needed is a smart idea. Normally (how sexist is this?) the groom or best man handles the tips, but if you want to do your bit, have the cash to hand. Rather more substantial packing is necessary if you’re off on honeymoon right afterwards – and along with clothes that may mean passport, tickets, money, and birth control.

Have you got a soundtrack for your prep time on the day? If not, sort some playlists on your iPod – romantic, upbeat, memories, chillers, whatever you think you need.

Time can drag, so it’s good to arrange say a massage, or a mani-pedi, or simply to spend an hour in a bubble-bath, especially recommended just before bed – talking of which, to get you nice and relaxed before you slide between the covers, do something really relaxing, like watching a favourite movie – romcom rather than slasher though!

If it’s your sort of thing, send a love message to your HTB, he’ll probably be more nervous than you. And above all, think of your wedding day to come as a fun time, not like some big horrible exam. Be positive – tell yourself it will be great and it will be great.

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