Stag & Hen Ideas Tenerife

Published date: 1st January 2018

There are few places in the world where you can more or less guarantee sunshine. Happily the island of Tenerife sitting off the west coast of Africa is one of them. It has sometimes been poetically called the island of eternal spring, with coastal temperatures that even in winter will be around the 18 degree mark, and in summer can be expected to hover around the high 20s.

So this is a year-round stag and hen destination (even if you are marrying in summer a do in the winter or spring is no bad idea – plenty of recovery time and the chance to rebuild premarital bridges), which partly explains how it manages to attract about 5,000,000 tourists a year!

As ever we’d advocate using a specialist tour company, they will be able to do a lot of the legwork for you, know the places that are in and those that are past it, and above all they will be able to point you in the right direction as far as accommodation is concerned – you need to be confident that your hotel is party-friendly. Being thrown out to find somewhere more suitable can put a bit of a dampener on the trip. Sorting out transfers to your hotel or apartment is another way they can make life easier, along with such possible bonuses as VIP passes for clubs and discount bar tickets. If you fancy a drink and a night out that is.

Tenerife has plenty of places to entertain and attract you other than the bars and clubs. Its beaches – black sand versions as well as white – are famous, and let’s face it at some point you may just fancy lying down in the warm and shade and letting the world pass you by. That the world will be in beach wear is simply a plus. More adventurous parties will make a date with the top of Teide, the dormant volcano that is the highest peak in the Atlantic. You can climb it, but it may be more doable in the cable car. And there are museums, cultural spots and local shops that can add a touch of colour to any stay. But then again, you may focus on some of the more traditional stag and hen pastimes.

Inevitably daytime activities include paintballing and karting, the two great classics. Grooms remember to pad the target area of choice for your mates, if you don’t want to explain some very odd bruising when you get home. Karting is always an adrenaline rush for stags and hens alike, though probably best early in the event before your energies wane. Likewise the celebrated Waterpark, though the reviving nature of flumes and swimming is in its favour even later in the day.

This being a top tourist island there are great pampering facilities, so thermal spa, massage, beauty treatments, and places for just generally chilling out. If you can manage to come back from a stag or hen do looking better than when you set out – kudos.

Cocktail-making classes are unlikely to help such well-being, though they are great fun and with a bit of creative thinking could be put down as cultural. If they can, then so could pole dancing classes. Though stags watching pole dancing…? Well, ballet dancing is cultural. And a catamaran cruise surely qualifies as both sight-seeing and sport, the drinks merely to keep you going.

Before you hit the town at night it is always best to line the stomach, though some of the food here is far more than anti-beer (and ante-beer) insulation: tapas is always a fun way to dine, and the local fish is renowned; or you may prefer to go with the good old steak. And while we are talking food, it’s good to know that along with the local breakfasts you will be able to find the big British fry-up, simply because the bacon and sausage bonanza is one of the best remedies for that feeling you can experience after a rather convivial evening the night before.

Tenerife is a party island at night, known for its clubs and bars, so even if you don’t opt for a guide – though they are not a bad idea – you will have little trouble finding places to party till the early hours (at least). We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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