Recyclable wedding ideas

Published date: 12th January 2019

When buying products for a wedding, it can seem as though there is a wedding tax added to inflate the cost of every day items. While you obviously want to enjoy the best wedding day possible, you also want to be savvy about how you spend your money.

There are ways to keep wedding costs down but there are also items you can buy to make your wedding seem a cut above the rest. Items you can also use again and again.

Hire Don’t Buy

One way to keep costs down is to hire equipment and accessories. This is especially important if you need 100 chair covers, or tablecloths, for example. You would probably never use these items again and so hiring in these circumstances, makes a lot of sense.

Personalised Items

You can buy personalised items that you can then use around your home. Examples include a signpost that you can then place in your garden. Personalised signs, marque decorations and art can all be used to add personality to your first home together while giving a constant reminder of your wedding day.


Fairy lights, outdoor lights and topiary lights can all be used again, even if you only bring them out during the Christmas season. Lights can be used to add a magical touch to a wedding and you can invest in these knowing you’re making a sound, forever, investment.


Foliage in a marque or reception venue is a great way to enhance a spring or summer wedding. Instead of spending a fortune on flowers, consider potted plants. You can then plant these in your own garden, or use them in your own home, and as they grow, you’ll be reminded of your wedding day.

Alternatively you can choose dried flower arrangements, these are especially popular in autumn. A few drops of essential oils will bring the dried arrangements to live, and add a unique floral scent that will help guests remember the day with a smile.

Cutlery and Crockery

A lot of the cutlery and crockery used on your wedding day can be used again. Such as the cake knife, the cupcake stands and the cake stand itself.

Photograph Frames

Good quality photograph frames can really add elegance to a table. They can hold instructions, menus or witty quotes and poems. These can also be used afterwards around your home to hold the wedding photos, and so you can splash out with confidence.

When you know you can keep items after a wedding day, you don’t mind investing a little more into some higher quality products. Your wedding day will be the best day of your life and so it makes sense that you’ll want to be surrounded with memories in your new home.

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