Stag & Hen Ideas Prague

Published date: 1st January 2018

A city that is one of the top ten most visited in Europe, whose centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and that has one of the best beer cultures on the planet – Prague has plenty to recommend it to stags, hens, and just those interested in having a good time.

Along with the traditional stag and hen activities, and some with a local twist, if you are planning a trip to the Czech capital you should think about just having a good look around what is an amazing old – more than 1000 years old – city. Prague is sometimes used as a stand in for post-war Paris in movies, a fact that conveys some of the atmosphere you can expect. But it has its own special touches – one of them arguably the most extraordinary modern building in the continent, the Dancing House.

To say it is Bohemian is in one way stating the obvious, Bohemia the region in which Prague lies. But it is Bohemian in the artistic, relaxed, dare one say at times louche style too. Three decades on from the fall of communism in Europe and it still seems to be enjoying a bit of a party to celebrate the fact. For Brits the added bonus is that the 45 years of one party rule means the Czech economy is still playing catch up, so things – say for a random choice, beer – are relatively cheap (especially if you compare prices with London!).

The more than 4 million visitors annually include many stag and hen parties, by the way, another good reason to choose this venue, such a market meaning there’s no shortage of dedicated activities on tap (as it were) and specialist companies who can help you plan your trip from A to Z. One service you may be keen on is having a local guide on hand, just in case your Czech is a little rusty; and he/she may know the clubs, restaurants and even shopping better than anyone in your party.

You can combine sight-seeing here with one or two stag or hen activities by booking a river cruise on the lovely Vltava, sinking a few beers or cocktails on the boat (learning to make them elsewhere is another option), enjoying the artistic dancing of strippers – female or male – and taking in some of the architectural highlights too. If you are not so happy afloat, then the same sort of trip can be arranged in a stretch limo, or – here’s a novel idea – in a club or several.

These days a stag or hen do that just involves necking ale and a hangover is pretty passé – people want things to do to get the adrenaline pumping, or break the ice when there are disparate groups within the group. Major favourites include clay pigeon shooting – a lot harder than it looks, but great fun – paintball, white water rafting, and karting, all available in Prague. For something a bit different how about driving a tank? Yes, a tank. Or a few notches down the weaponry scale but still an eye-popper, target shooting with an AK-47.

There are gentler ways of breaking the barriers – spas, beauty treatments, a visit to a brewery (almost a pilgrimage in a way, and Czech lager laughs at some of our feebler efforts). And speaking of beer, a decidedly Prague thing to try is a beer bath. Part of me is crying inside, part thinking ‘Up your asses milk Cleopatra this is more like it’. They say it relaxes the muscles – not exactly a revelation as regards beer, but I don’t think you are supposed to drink it.

Culture vultures can enjoy a vibrant scene in Prague, with concerts and plays aplenty. Thrill seekers may be more tempted by the mud wrestling, the lap dancing (watching or learning how to do it – think that’s for hens) and the nightclubs in the buzzing city centre.

So now you know why so many regional airports have flights to Prague. Enjoy.

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