Pirate, Potter, Pagan – Offbeat Energetic Weddings

Published date: 31st March 2016

From previous posts it should be clear that across the whole gamut of wedding possibilities we tend to prefer the more traditional, but, wanting to have our wedding cake and eat it, if they are too text book, too by-the-numbers, too bereft of imagination, they can be just too… well, weddingy. And dull.

That’s why we have a place in our hearts for the offbeat and energetic, the creative, the fun, so long as we don’t all head down the American route of ‘that didn’t work out as well as hoped, maybe the next will be better.’

It must be the enduring power of the Depp-fuelled Pirate of the Caribbean franchise, but we’ve noticed of late that quite a few couples have brought a pirate theme into their big day. Naturally in Vegas you can get a full pirate-themed package, complete with costumes for all participants including the officiant, but being British we may shy away from that in favour of the more subtle touches. We saw recently a couple who had pirate hats and eye patches available at their photo booth (so sexy you wonder if some pix would have to be censored from the album); and with the rise and rise of Caribbean food that’s one side of things that can be tailored to fit nicely – curry goat, rum punch, Guinness punch, rice and peas… And the bouquet offers plenty of possibilities – use rope, feathers painted to look parroty, shells, pretend gold pieces of eight. Use, in other words, your imagination. And use this site to find boats, old inns and maritime venues suitable to the day.

Pagan ceremonies have also been on our radar more and more of late. This is not a theme, but a way of expressing commitment – the hand-fasting used in most of these is touching, the oaths sincere, and the whole thing rather moving and respectful. And no, you’ll not see any rams sacrificed. This is maybe a different sort of energy, tapping into something primal in our natures.

Many of those getting married nowadays will have grown up with Harry Potter, the books and the films. Little wonder then that you’ll spot the occasional Potter-themed wedding if you keep your mad-eye open. There should, of course, be something magical about any wedding, so why not incorporate this great celebration of the supernatural? Again you could go for the full costume thing, and one in a thousand may pull it off; or you could add a dash of wit with say Butterbeer (nobody knows what it is, but it sounds delicious) cocktails; or serve jars of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – without the earwax and snot versions, so maybe just jelly beans with a fun label; and you can buy chocolate frogs if you look, though happily not ones that actually jump and ribbit; and photos that move in their frames are not unknowns… FBFW can point you at some Hogwarty castles for venues.

Maybe it would be better to think of this strand of the wedding world as imaginative, rather than energetic? Alice in Wonderland is a recurring theme, again it can be pretty subtle with some thought. So if you risk it can a beach wedding be in Britain – we have venues by the sea where the beach can be a part of your fun.

In the end what we’re probably saying here is that a wedding that’s fun is better than one that’s not. We’re not talking an hour or five of belly-laughs, but maybe a few moments of mirth, a mouth turned up at the sides at least. A celebration that is, and of the, slightly quirky.

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