Stag & Hen Ideas Newquay

Published date: 1st January 2018

One of the drags when you organise a stag or hen do is getting people to agree on the venue. But as everyone who has been to Cornwall loves it, and those who have never made the journey tend to want to, Newquay solves that problem nicely thank you.

Another real plus about the place is that unless you live in St Austell, Padstow or Redruth a party break here is well away from home, so that what happens on the trip stays on the trip. It could well be the key to future marital equilibrium.

Even though as it is sited on the Northern Coast of Cornwall this town of about 20,000 inhabitants – which can rise by 100,000 – is out on a geographic limb, it is easily reached from much of the rest of the country – at least it is during the tourism season. The local airport has flights to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, East Midlands, Manchester, Norwich, Bristol and a very regular service to Gatwick. If you’re heading there out of season, or just can’t face flying, there’s a mainline train station to give you a second option and frequent coach services as a third.

What makes Newquay different from its British rivals for stag and hen party business is simply those long, lovely, wave-lapped beaches. This is surfer central as far as Britain is concerned, with Fistral Beach the best-known and enjoying the biggest waves. With equally excellent spots like Towan and Tolcarne Beaches (there are nine to choose from) to offer variety (and plenty of room) it is thronged every summer by sun-bleached blonds and blondes using the word dude without embarrassment and for the luckiest arriving in VW camper vans.

Surfing in various forms is one of the big activities for both stags and hens in Newquay, with all the cool gear available, and the pleasure of secretly watching beach bodies through your shades as you recover from your own efforts. There are plenty of dedicated companies who arrange trips here, with options that can include a beach barbecue, going technological with jet-skis (guys, jet-skis!), or sensual with a massage on the beach.

The Sea the Sea as Iris Murdoch had it. Here it opens up a wealth of party possibilities. For a less exhausting (so you have some oomph left for the night-time) experience there’s deep-sea fishing available, including the chance to man it up a bit (or girl it) and go for sharks (though please put them back intact!). Or to up the adrenaline a notch or two try the coasteering, or explore the hidden caves with a guide.

And if getting wet is not your thing, the facilities for other active events in Newquay are equally broad: paintballing is always a stag do winner (why is it so satisfying hitting your mate in the family jewels?); karting and quad-biking get everyone’s juices flowing; and for a civilised few hours you can play golf too.

You can’t be constantly moving at speed, so there’s a chance to mix-and-match with stuff like – tends to be one for the ladies this – life-drawing, with the model it can be taken pleasing on the eye; or the full spa deal for a deserved pampering (ideal pre-night moves to get you looking at your best); or how about a smooth transition from daytime to night-time activities with a cocktail mixing class?

Newquay is well used to hosting stag and hen dos, and is a young town anyway – there’s a good student population, and the crowd tends to be teen- and twenties-heavy. Which all means the nightlife is good, or rather famously bloody good. As far as the clubs are concerned they attract the best DJ talent for the tunes, and for those not getting married have plenty of talent on the dance-floor too. Being a venue for stags and hens there are those places where you’ll trust your partner doesn’t get to hear about them – lap dancing is not unknown, and nor is – let’s call it modern burlesque, or artistic dancing. Which guys can watch while eating a steak if they fancy, or go surf-and-turf (which seems very appropriate here) with some local lobster to accompany your sirloin.

The weather in this country can’t be guaranteed, but Newquay tends to get the best of it. And let’s face it, half the activities here are about getting wet anyway, and most of the other half are indoors. So head for the Cornish Coast, dudes. Five million visitors a year can’t be wrong.

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