Stag & Hen Ideas Ibiza

Published date: 1st January 2018

Most people of course travel to Ibiza for the culture. Not. If you choose Ibiza for your Stag or Hen party you are pretty much making a statement about the nature of the event. The word hedonistic springs to mind. Beer, sangria, clubs, dancing, and anything else that goes nicely with that.

Thanks to its position in the Mediterranean Sea Ibiza enjoys, and enjoys is the right word, a generally toasty climate, the waters around the island more often than not temptingly warm, the beaches made for lounging about on, ideally with a cold drink. And over the last three or four decades the island has built up a deserved reputation as the place to party. Which is what you’ll probably have in mind booking here. Some of Europe’s top clubs are brought to life by some of the world’s top DJs, there are innumerable bars, loads of restaurants, and entertainment aplenty.

Of course every Stag and Hen do these days has to have more about it than just necking alcohol and dancing (thanks to the alcohol often dancing badly). Daytime activities are part of the package you and your friends will be looking for, and Ibiza doesn’t disappoint.

You should not forget that Ibiza is also a very beautiful spot, especially the northern side of the island, and some of the activities on land sea and in the air remind you of that big time: horse-riding through the wilder parts gives you time to take in the lovely countryside; snorkelling and diving from the beaches or maybe a yacht lets you see the colourful marine-life in the blue waters; or para-sailing lifts you high enough to observe the place from a different angle.

There are loads of other classic daytime activities that Stags and Hens gravitate towards too: karting naturally, bowling, quad bikes, watersports of every sort from the sensible to the silly – though which is which is for you to decide – jet-skis, banana boats, pedalos and motorboats just four options. There are fun-park rides; the waterpark; and of course it wouldn’t be a stag and hen venue if it didn’t offer paintball, though cannier grooms may choose to avoid that one – for some reason even for your oldest friends (especially for your oldest friends) it becomes hilarious aiming at stuff that could restrict wedding night activities, as it were.

A particularly Ibiza activity that you may want to consider is training to be a DJ, with gear and tuition supplied. Or go for the classic alternative courses – dancing (Salsa? Flamenco?) and cocktail making.

One aspect of Ibiza that is less well-known is its pampering side – it may be that all those hangovers and exhaustion lines make for a ready market. You have a bewildering choice of spa treatments and wellness stuff that could just about see you leave looking as fresh as when you arrived.

And don’t forget the food too: it’s not just the cooking – paella anyone? Mexican? chulleton (big steak)? – it’s the locations, with a major favourite the beachfront restaurant, rivalled by the beach itself as somewhere to chill and chew.

But in the end it is the clubs that probably draw most parties to Ibiza. Every DJ who wants to be a name spends time here during their career, and many return every summer (which starts earlier and ends later than back home). As queuing is not one of the activities that you would put on your to-do list it’s a good idea to use an organising company to speed you in to the best places. The same people should be able to sort all the arrangement for the other activities, and don’t forget that like it or not you will need to sleep at some point, so they can help find the right accommodation too, and ferry you to it from the airport. And if your excursion is going to involve a stripper or kissograms at some stage of the proceedings, these guys will doubtless make that simpler too.

However wild your party ends up being, do remember that the reason the bride-to-be and groom-to-be are on the trip is to have a good time before getting married, so doing stuff daft enough to spoil future plans is not a good idea. Whereas having a bloody good time and getting home safely is.

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