How to create your own personalised wedding hashtag

Published date: 24th February 2020 | Author: Hollie Bond

The best wedding hashtag ideas and how to create a catchy hashtag for your own big day #letsgetcreate

You’ll be far too busy to take your own snaps on your wedding day (which is why having a professional photographer is so important), but your guests will be in photo-taking overdrive with so many pretty details and you in a gorgeous dress to capture from every angle.

Unless you’re having an unplugged wedding (where you ask guests to ensure nothing goes online), the best way to see all your guests’ candid photos in real time or once the wedding is over, is by creating a personalised hashtag and encouraging your guests to use it. Simply type your hashtag into Instagram after the big day and a virtual photo album will appear before your very eyes – it’s the modern version of the 90s trend for throwaway cameras on each reception table!

Giving some thought to your own wedding hashtag is an important part of the wedding planning process, as you may want to make sure it is printed on your stationery and on pretty signs to use as décor in your venue. It can be difficult to know what to choose though, with the added stress of making it both catchy and unique.

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Top tips for creating your own wedding hashtag

Start with some basic facts about yourselves that you can easily turn into a hashtag: surnames; first names; the wedding date; your venue; the area you’re getting married in; the theme of your wedding; how you met; your nicknames; and any shared loves. Your names are the quickest way to make a hashtag unique, but if you both have very common names or you want something a little quirkier try blending your surnames or thinking of other names your guests might know you by.

If you’re good with words, think about making your hashtag funny by turning your names into a well-known phrase or by rhyming them with another word that works in an idiom. For example, ‘HappilyEverCarter’, ‘LoveAtHurstSight’ or #ITheeWebb

Wedding hashtag templates

Get some wedding hashtag inspiration from these classic combinations. Just insert your own names or surnames.

  1. #SmithWedding2020
  2. #SmithSaysIDo
  3. #SmithGetsHitched
  4. #SmithTiesTheKnot
  5. #SmithWedsJones
  6. #HappilyEverJones
  7. #KateAndWillsGetHitched
  8. #MrandMrsSmith
  9. #KateAndWillsSealTheDeal
  10. #KateAndWillsTieTheKnot
  11. #CheersToTheSmiths
  12. #MeetTheSmiths
  13. #FinallyASmith
  14. #SmithVows

How to make your hashtag unique

It’s important to make sure your hashtag is unique, so that when you go to see all your big day snaps, they’re not mixed in with some other happy couples’ photos! The quickest way to make you hashtag your own is by adding numbers – your wedding date for example or the date you met, so #SmithWedding becomes #SmithWedding020820. Want something with a bit more personality? Look up idioms and puns online and see how your names or nicknames could replace some of the words. There are even online pun generators that you can use if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Let your guests know

Once you’re confident your wedding hashtag is unique and ready to be used, let your guests know about it. This can either be done on the invites you send out to them, on signage on the big day itself, or via your wedding website. Your orders of service and the menus on your reception tables are both good places to have your hashtag written too, to remind guests to take pictures at these important parts of the day. Make sure to capitalise the first letter of each word in the hashtag so that it’s easy for your guests to remember and write – especially when they’re a few glasses of champagne down!


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