Honouring a wedding toast: Important preparatory guidelines

Published date: 1st June 2019

It is an honour to give a wedding toast to newlyweds, but it also takes big responsibility to prepare for one. It is your words that guests will raise their glass to, to give the newlyweds their best wishes. It is important to follow proper wedding etiquette when delivering your speech. You must always consider the length and content on what you have to say for the groom and bride. By following a wedding etiquette, you can host a toast that may be humorous, inspiring, or unforgettable for the couple and everyone on that special day.


The best man traditionally gives the wedding toast during the reception. Nonetheless, the groom or bride may ask the maid of honour or their fathers to give the toast as well. The newlyweds may also give a toast to each other and ask close friends to share meaningful messages, too. It is important for the toast giver to get everyone’s attention before making his or her speech. Since everyone will be listening, it is crucial to prepare before this special event.


A wedding toast can be humorous, historic, poetic, or advice-filled. Usually, a person’s character and personality can reflect on what he or she has to say. Nonetheless, a toast should not take very long. The etiquette for wedding toasts should not be more than three minutes. Ideally, two minutes of a brief and meaningful speech is enough to bring joy to the newlyweds.


A bride and groom only select a person who is special and meaningful to them. If the couple has chosen you to host the wedding toast, it only means that your relationship with them is very important. Use your knowledge about them and start with some special memories they had with each other. You can add a personal tale on how you first met them or quote something special about their relationship.


Always remember that the reception is full of guests of all ages, different ethnicities, and traditions. Your wedding toast should not include any insults or issues that may be unsuitable or sensitive for the general audience. Adding humour is fine, but make sure you do not insult or embarrass someone too much.

Try to keep your toast upbeat, relevant, and inspiring to the couple and the people around them. End your toast with warm wishes and a congratulatory message with good blessings. Everyone in the wedding will appreciate the meaningful message you have for the couple and will raise their glass to honour it.

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