Stag & Hen Ideas Hamburg

Published date: 1st January 2018

t’s probably fair to say that Hamburg is far better known as a stag destination than one for hens, though plenty of girlie parties do make their way to Germany’s second city. Maybe there is something indefinably masculine about the place; maybe it is the nature of the (in)famous Reeperbahn.

Second in size only to Berlin in the German pecking order, the North German city of Hamburg has some wonderful facilities, and as an ancient port – a Hansa city in its day – there is a touch of the exotic about the place, something reflected in the cosmopolitan choice of cuisines on offer. It’s a prosperous place too – food and drink is not cheapo-cheapo, but on the plus side the beer here as everywhere in Germany is excellent – thanks to the German beer purity laws some of the international brands you are familiar with won’t be on sale, but then they arguably don’t match the local brews for flavour (and often for kick) anyway.

Though you’ll find restaurants of every sort, to make it more Hamburg you can try the sausages and other local delicacies (though they tend to be less than delicate) big on meat, less so on fibre. Seafood is good here too – being a port has its benefits – and there are some hefty sweet pastries that could be a lifesaver on a hung-over morning.

That aforementioned port city status brings another legacy – the Reeperbahn and a rather relaxed attitude to the oldest profession. Depending on your style and viewpoint the sex shows and other activities are a laugh, or sleazy. The groom about to embark on married life may prefer to think of future wife’s attitude too.

As ever we recommend using an organising company: they know their territory; can do you deals, find suitable accommodation (nothing ruins a stag or hen do faster than being chucked out of a hotel that doesn’t do parties), arrange q-jumping at clubs, and make sure those clubs are the right ones. They can also steer you away from the less salubrious areas and bars that every city throws up.

All the classic stag activities and services are available here – limo pick-up, with stripper if that’s your thing, go-karting, paintball, gun range, beer bike (bar on pedal-driven wheels), clay pigeon shooting, and so on. If you want to get a bit more into the local scene, then with good timing you can fit in a football match at Hamburg or St Pauli, one of the things that is very good value in Germany (tickets a fraction of UK Premier League prices). Along with the dodgier shows on the Reeperbahn (which to be fair has some top bars and dance places along with the stuff for which it is celebrated-ish) the city has plenty of legit theatres, concert halls and other entertainment venues. And for a daytime activity that requires little effort, has a hint of culture, and may with luck be done with a glass in hand, try one of the cruises on Hamburg’s extensive waterway system (it has more bridges than Venice, and smells better) to have a glimpse of the city and some of its major sights.

For hens too there are the classics – the full pamper deal with ruthless German efficiency of course, shopping though that’s by no means exclusively feminine, and the karting and paintball experiences that many hens now are into.

And in the evening, after a bit of daytime bonding activity, a stomach-lining meal, and perhaps a glass or two of tissue restorer, there are some great clubs in the city – this was the spot where the Beatles learned their trade. Germany though is traditionally, if that’s the right word in this context, big on electronic music, but your organiser can find alternatives if that doesn’t appeal, and you will doubtless welcome the opportunity to bypass the queues that should be possible with their help.

Enjoy, and just remember, to paraphrase a hundred old movies: for you stag and hen ze zingle life is over. Or soon will be, so have a great weekend.

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