Doing it Disney style

Published date: 2nd January 2019

If anyone reading this grew up without Disney as a major early influence, we’d be pretty surprised. Yes it’s a vast corporation, but that is thanks in no small part to its romantic, fairytale heart. Disney is as important to our cultural make up as Shakespeare, maybe moreso as it’s highly likely most of us have seen more Disney movies than Shakespeare plays (not that we are in any way knocking the Bard). Many couples choose to put a little or a lot of Disney into their weddings, and cynical though we can all sometimes be, either option has surely got to bring a smile to our faces.

The most courageous – some (not us) would say craziest – fans of the cartoon epics go the whole hog, and turn their wedding day into a Disney costume drama. We recall with amusement (and not a little awe) the decision of a couple in Bridgend to hold a Shrek wedding, something their friends and family bought into big-style. Recently an American pairing chose to appear at their beachside nuptials as Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, with their bridesmaids looking particularly fetching in tutus and blouses – it really worked (but then they were uniformly gorgeous anyway). And another British couple just weeks ago opted for Beauty and the Beast, though the real theme was Disney itself, as guests were invited to come as a favourite character linked to the studios, thus the pictures show Bert from Mary Poppins, Goofy (yes!), Woody from Toy Story, and delightfully Minnie Mouse. We doff our Robin Hood hats to them.

If you’re going totally Tinkerbell there are more-than-accessories from Disney-design invites to Swarowski crystal cake-toppers in the form of Cinderella’s castle you can purchase, likewise Mickey and Minnie figurines to top the tiers. Naturally it takes little looking to find a pair of glass slippers (clear plastic if we’re honest). And when it comes to transport then Cinderella’s coach is the biggie here.

Subtler ways to celebrate the style exist for those who’d like to acknowledge a debt to Disney without letting it dominate the big day entirely. Not everybody feels comfortable in full-out cartoon costume.

At the bolder end of that spectrum is a brash Mickey Mouse bow tie, the same hero appearing on all manner of jewellery items. For him there are cuff-links, tie-pins, and (some of us may have these in our drawers already) Mickey Mouse watches. A touch of fun and style, and tbh easier to carry off than Prince Charming or Eric cavalry uniform with such tight trews.

For her, a wedding may be the only occasion to wear a tiara. The bride’s dress can incorporate a nod to Disney without it being too blatant: the cartoon heroines tend to have tiny waists (not enjoyed by all of us), their skirts flowing out from a tight bodice to emphasize that trait, though some even go beyond the traditional meringue to bell tent-esque – think Giselle in Enchanted. Slightly subtler and seen at quite a few weddings recently is Ariel’s vibrantly red hair, still a statement, stylish and not a little sexy too (big hair is very Disney Princess). If that’s not for you, a single Mickey-design on your big toenail could work, and/or some earrings that incorporate a favoured character.

And to finish we’d suggest the subtlest and maybe sweetest Disney-inspired idea of them all, encapsulating what the day is meant to be about, and a little hidden magic only the two of you will know about – engraving your wedding-bands with ‘Happy Ever After.’

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