Stag & Hen Ideas Bude

Published date: 1st January 2018

Bude on the North Cornwall coast is a top outdoor activity centre. It’s the place for stags and hens to head for if they want a great and even challenging time, fantastic surroundings and facilities, but they don’t want to sleaze it up and stagger from club to club all night every night. So maybe it’s perfect for a bunch of mates who want to have a good time, a few laughs, a few beers, and no need for advance booking on the liver transplant list. Who want to clear their heads, not befuddle them.

If you are that sort of group, there are self-catering deals in some sizeable multi-bedroomed properties that could suit you. There’s always the option of taking things a bit higher on the luxury scale by arranging for someone to do the catering for you, and hiring a drinks butler or waitress to make you feel at home if you are an aristocrat or millionaire or just make you feel like one on this last freedom break. Along similar lines are dorm-style places that won’t break the bank, and could add to the group cohesion (don’t mock, with stag and hen parties often made up these days of friends from different parts of your lives – school, work, uni, relations – how to help unite the group and avoid cliques is something that is worth bearing in mind). Alternatively there are plenty of hotels in and around the town, some right smack-bang by the beach.

And it is the beaches that are the big draw here, the vast Cornish beaches that so many of us learn to love in our childhoods. The activities available for stags and hens include a decent list of things that are near, on or just off those golden sands.

Kayaking and Canadian Canoeing will give your body a workout. And they will give you a bit of an appetite and thirst too, perhaps a beach BBQ or picnic the reward for all your efforts. If you are a surfer (dude) or want to learn, this is one of the spots to make for too. Some may be content with watching the surfer guys and babes in action, and maybe striking up a friendly conversation, or something.

Cornwall is famous for its fishing (all those sharks waiting to eat surfers – maybe not), and a deep sea trip to try to catch a few mackerel, some John Dory, or maybe a cousin of Jaws, is a day well spent even if you break no British records.

You can of course enjoy the coast without getting too wet: an organised walk along it to fill the lungs and recharge city-drained batteries is another favourite here, with a variation on that theme a foraging trip. You can combine the walk and the wet with coasteering, or drop more gently (and to earth) with a go at abseiling. Or not drop at all with climbing.

Not all the activities here are so strenuous, with good spa facilities to hand if you want a bit of contrast: hot tub, sauna, pamper, massage, aroma-therapy and so on to bring some calm to proceedings.

Inland there are plenty of hills to add another dimension to the activity list: mountain biking as a test of your endurance and thighs as you ascend the Cornish or Devon slopes; Zorbing and mountain boarding in the opposite direction.

And if you want to include one of the by now almost traditional activities in your break, there’s the obligatory paintballing – grooms, wear a cricket box if you know what’s good for you – cocktail making, dance classes – lap, pole, burlesque – and even a good old-fashioned game of golf to slow the pace a bit.

Bude is not Ibiza, but there are some fine watering holes, and you have probably not chosen the town for its 24-hour party culture anyway.

You could arrange a night (or a fight!) in Newquay for the bright lights, or to keep the relaxed mood going make for one of the famous restaurants in nearby Padstow, or take in the beauty of Tintagel a few miles down the coast too.

As ever we’d recommend using an organiser to help you arrange the trip of a lifetime, sort out a practical timetable and the best providers for your activities, and make sure your accommodation is going to welcome stags and hens. Though if you choose Bude you are probably a better class of person and above such feared debauchery. Probably.

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