Stag & Hen Ideas Berlin

Published date: 1st January 2018

Zo. For you ze single life is over. You will celebrate with ruthless German efficiency. A funeral in Berlin for your bachelor past.

Why choose Berlin for your stag or hen venue? Where to start? This is one of Europe’s, nay the world’s great capital cities, every corner of the centre with a story to tell. So if you are looking for atmosphere you can tick that box. Since the wall came down (though they have kindly kept a sizeable chunk of it for you to look at) in 1989 and 1990 investment has flowed into what used to be the East German part of the city, and the old West Berlin has not done at all badly either: the German government came back, and with it the media and many other service providers, their money meaning the shopping, cultural life, and entertainment here also boomed. And it has always been a beautiful place, though post-war architects on both sides of Checkpoint Charlie put up some monstrous concrete structures that at one time offended the eye: recent buildings have been more dramatic and stylish – style is a big word here.

That entertainment for the returning elite can be enjoyed by British stags and hens too: there are restaurants representing pretty much every cuisine you can name (and a few others) to be tried; and nightclubs with a European reputation that attract top DJs, some of those clubs not bothering to shut all weekend.

And that most basic component of a stag night (and lots of hen nights too), the beer, is in fine fettle in Germany’s capital: the beer culture for so long protected by the Reinheitsgebot – beer purity law – kept craft brewing alive in Germany for centuries, and means there are few if any bad beers on sale here. A brewery visit can be a part of your plans, likewise a traditional beer-hall (or go the whole hog as you may almost literally do with a Bavarian feast – wrong state but who is quibbling).

Though the major activities that you may expect to be available for a stag or hen do are almost certainly options here, we’d suggest that you make it a bit more Berlin, by say taking a tour in a Trabant, experiencing the best of the new Germany in the worst motor car the old DDR could come up with. Made of treated hardboard. Or cycle around the city – beyond the centre there are wonderful stretches of green, huge lakes, and elegantly aristocratic colonies. The public transport system is indeed efficient and a great way of seeing the place – and a lot cheaper than the taxis by the way! Don’t if you can help it miss out on a trip along the river, public or private, to take in some of the sights that way.

But if you really want those traditional activities, you can find the likes of paintball, shooting lessons, cocktail making, dancing lessons, spa treatments, pampering, massages, golf, karting, and even football (but remember the definition before you accept a challenge: football is a game played by two teams over 90 minutes, then won on penalties by the Germans).

Berlin has also got a deliciously louche, you might even say decadent, side, as it has since the 1920s and 1930s, though for a time the politics of extreme right and left did put a bit of a damper on things. You will have no trouble finding lap dancing clubs, strippers male and female, wrestling in oil or mud, and other such enlightening cultural pastimes. And all with a glass of cold beer at hand to keep things nice and relaxed.

And here is a bombshell (not sure the British should be using that word in a place radically remodelled by the RAF at one time, but never mind): there is a very vibrant German comedy scene – not such a bombshell when you recall that Henning Wehn is arguably the funniest stand-up in the UK at present. So ask your organiser – and you should get one – to maybe sort something along those lines, if they can find something you can understand!

Those same organisers can help find suitable accommodation, maybe a guide, and VIP passes along with recommends for the best clubs, bars and restaurants. And they can make life easy with airport pick-ups and drop-offs (the latter after a convivial weekend particularly welcome).

It’s a great city. Enjoy it.

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