Stag & Hen Ideas Benidorm

Published date: 1st January 2018

If you opt for Benidorm for your stag or hen do, you are putting down a market for your mates: it’s art galleries and opera all the way. Or more like party party, with a bit more party, let the hair down at night, and possibly wake up next morning with that hair hurting.

Apart from this southern Spanish resort’s reputation for very relaxed fun, there are some good practical reasons to choose it as your stag or hen venue. For starters, the climate is a bit more reliable than Bognor’s, and the feel of the sun (remember the sun?) on you does wonders to perk up even the gloomiest participant, if you have any of them. Next there is the convenience of travel, and the relative cheapness if you are canny: from the UK depending on your home airport it’s two or three hours, with plenty of low-cost flights available. Thirdly it is used to the British holidaymaker, so there should be little or no language barrier, and if you feel the need you can find various versions of little England, or Scotland, or wherever in a multitude of British-owned pubs and cafes. Fourthly, Benidorm tends to be one of those towns that welcomes stags and hens with open arms, (unlike some).

All that said, we’d still strongly recommend working with an organising company: they will help arrange airport transfers to make life easy; ensure your accommodation is stag- and hen-friendly; and make sure the activities you choose whether day or night go smoothly and live up to your expectations.

And as to that accommodation, the town and its surrounds offer pretty much everything from apartments to budget hotels through to very swish places indeed.

Though it’s probably more of the nights that you are thinking of as you plan the trip, you need to fill your days with more than alcoholic remorse (it’s even better to avoid that of course, but…). All the classic stag and hen daytime events are on hand here: it is almost a legal requirement for stags to do the paintball thing (groom, be prepared – take a cricket box as shooting the family jewels for some reason will seem hilarious to your friends).

Getting motorised in one way or another is almost equally traditional: karting, quads, 4×4 adventure safaris just three options. You don’t need a motor to get up some speed though – how about a downhill cycle ride (if only the Tour de France was downhill all the way we’d all have knighthoods), or a horse-back trek?

With Benidorm benefitting from 5km of excellent beaches you’d expect some activity there too, and you’d not be wrong: for the more laid-back you can – weather permitting as it generally does – simply top up the tan, check out the talent from the safety of your mirror-shades, and dip a toe in the water every now and then. Alternatively you can try kite-surfing, sailing, a catamaran cruise-with-booze, and other watersports.

And if you feel the need for something a bit more staid, there’s golf – always a laugh especially if one or more of the party is new to the game – and shopping, with the positively comatose relaxation of a touch of pampering in the spa.

The spa thing is not a bad idea at all – if it’s before a big night you are prepped; if it’s after one you could just be saved.

Because the real deal in Benidorm is the night-time – which is not to say you have to spend 10 hours in a superclub drinking shots, though some do. If you want to build in some contrast you could try a night at the casino; or a tapas night, maybe a comedy club to get your funny on.

One of the things that the resort is famed for is its bar-crawling: a guide will take you and your group around some of the best watering holes in the town; or your group can join up with another – how convenient if your hen party bumps into a stag party? A little bit of advice – pace yourselves.

And then there are the bars and clubs, and the whole party scene around the celebrated Square. Top DJs, very relaxed opening hours, and no shortage of other groups out to have a good time. Drink prices that don’t empty the kitty. Some places have shows, or you can slope off to a karaoke bar and put your own on.

It’s once in a lifetime for the groom- or bride-to-be (we hope anyway!) so you may as well enjoy every aspect of the thing – and that includes the stag and hen breaks, with Benidorm a place where you know what to expect.

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